Quantum Healing Group Past Life Regression

I also do Dolores Cannon's Group Past Life Regression via light trance.  If you have 6 to 10 people who want to get together for a fun time, this is the way to go.  This is not a full QHHT session.  It is intended to be fun in light trance and informative.  This can be done in a home or a business.  
I charge 35.00 each for a 4- to 5-hour workshop with 6 to 10 participants.  Less that 5 participants, I charge 45.00 each.  More than 10 and up to 15 would be 25.00 each. 

Before you arrive have one question in mind that you want to find the answer to, then sit back, relax, clear your mind, trust, receive, and believe to see what past life your Soul chooses to show you to help answer that question.  You could experience a future life, this life, or a life on a different planet.  Your Soul chooses the experience based on information your Soul wants you to see and it may not answer your question.

If time permits, while in light trance with guided visualization, I will guide you to meet your main spiritual guide and/or angel who has been with you since birth.  And if time allows, I will then take you into the future 100, 200, or 300 years (your choice).  The future you see is a probability because of the time lines involved and the Souls involved in your future and, of course, your free will.  To see the future is fun, but what you see is not set in stone.

Expect a relaxing journey into your inner world, where you connect with forgotten places and people.  In this group regression I will teach you the basic techniques of visualization, and I will lead you via light trance and visualization on a journey to explore one of your past lives.  We are millions of years old and we have experienced many past lives.

There are no guarantees that this regression will yield a past life or your guide or guardian angel. Your ability to go into trance depends on your ability to clear your mind, trust, allow, receive, and believe in a group or personal session.  I will do my best to get you there, but ultimately it is up to you.  Something you will feel is a beautiful state of peace and relaxation as a result of this technique.

I have done these Group Sessions at H.O.M.E. Center and Journeys A Center for Your Soul in Salem in the past and they have been fun for all.  Contact me if you want to know the next time I'm doing a Group Regression or if you want to book your own with your own friends or coworkers.  It would also be a great workshop for a business who wants to treat their hard working employees. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ask Your Soul Hypnosis 

I am only a facilitator of QHHT.  Sessions can vary from person to person.  No two sessions are alike; 90% of the success of your session is up to you. Your part is to ask your Soul for help via QHHT (setting intent), and then most importantly clear your mind, trust, allow, receive, and believe.  When you do this, you open the door to your Soul to find the answers you seek.    
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