I am only a facilitator of QHHT.  Sessions can vary from person to person.  No two sessions are alike; 90% of the success of your session is up to you. Your part is to ask your Soul for help via QHHT (setting intent), and then most importantly clear your mind, trust, allow, receive, and believe.  When you do this, you open the door to your Soul to find the answers you seek.    
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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a method of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon.  Dolores developed and refined her technique over her 45-year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world.  I am a certified Level 2 practitioner of QHHT.   It is with a very heavy heart I say Dolores crossed over to the spirit side on October 18, 2014.  She  continues to mentor us, just as she did while living as a human on Earth.  I will continue Dolores' method just as she taught me in training.  She will be missed by millions of people all over the world.  Her legacy continues on. 

Some people might better understand the term "Past Life Regression," and that is exactly how QHHT started, with exploration of past lives. Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just past lives are available to experience. Some people experience future lives, parallel lives, lives on other planets, and lives in other dimensions. Some people visit the spirit side.  Some people find themselves in the Akashic Records and still others visit the Temple of Healing.  QHHT focuses on the concept that the client will go to "the most appropriate time and place," as guided by their Soul, to address any requests for health issues and/or information.

In my own experience, as a dedicated practitioner of QHHT, I have witnessed my clients expand their consciousness in ways they had not thought possible.  Clients have received answers from their Soul regarding issues to back problems, Lyme's disease, bladder and thyroid issues, Hepatitis C, cancer, depression, anxiety, arthritis, migraines, and much more during sessions.  As a result of my own QHHT session, I have no more food intolerances.  One of the benefits of QHHT is it opens the door to your Soul, so you have the ability to truly feel, beyond measure, your expanded self  and all that you are connected to via your Soul. 
Are you ready to discover that anything is possible and all your answers come from within?  Call today and lets talk!  The benefits of QHHT start at that very moment! 

Practicing the Dolores Cannon Technique
of Quantum Healing in Oregon

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Katy GhostHorse
CHt & Level 2 QHHT Practitioner