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​​​Ask Your Soul for Healing

​​​Ask Your Soul | QHHT Dolores Cannon | ETR Beverly Nation
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The ETR was brought to Beverly Nation in February 2018 by the Arcturians to help with the Ascension.  The ETR is an Ascension Tool.  I was trained to do the ETR by Beverly Nation, and I am in the process of being a certified  ETR-P.  I would like to give you a broad overview of the ETR process.

The feedback that has been received from the Star Seed Families is that the energy transfer reset is the most powerful healing modality on Earth today.  The ETR was given to humans by a group of Star Seed families including the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians, and is supported by all the Star Seed Families specifically for the Ascension process. 

Allow me to introduce you to the ETR Spirit Team that works with me to facilitate and ETR session:

  • Many Star Seed Races (Arcturian, Syrian, Andromedin, Pleiadean, Atlantean, and more)
  • Angels
  • Archangels
  • Elementals
  • Monads from the 144 oversoul groups in our galaxy 
  • Specialist Beings excelling in various areas such as healing, contract negotiations, technical difficulties, strategies, and human interactions.
  • Beings incarnated as planets and stars.  Stars are male energy and planets are female energy including such planet beings as Gaia, the Sun, Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune.


The ETR Spirit Team does the heavy lifting as they go into your energy field and your body and removes most frequencies below the 5th dimension.  We want everyone to be high frequency and moving into 5D.

In each incarnation, we have millions of associated timelines. Every time you make a decision in whatever life we are in, we go into a new timeline creating millions of timelines with each incarnation.

Most beings average over 10,000 incarnations. Every time we make a decision during an incarnation, we create a new timeline of probabilities. Therefore, across 10,000 incarnations we create quadrillions of timelines which hold all types of frequencies. It is the low frequencies that cause us problems.

The ETR Spirit Team removes most frequencies below the 5th dimension. The ETR also removes any blockages, and if you have a dark entity attached to your energy field, the entity is removed and the tear in your energy field is repaired and healed. 

Next, they’ll stream high-frequency energy to you.  Different Star Seed families will use different rainbow-healing-colored frequencies to help you heal and release old programing, thoughts, and habits.

When a person’s frequency is below upper 4D, they are susceptible to entities attaching.  Frequencies are based on emotions. 

The reset takes you back to the pure state you were in when you were first created before you started incarnating and having all of the challenging situations that we’ve all faced in our lives. 

Now, it doesn’t happen instantly. The process starts at the time of the ETR. 

We have recently learned that the higher self allows an average of 8% of the density of low frequencies to remain in your body for your personal releasing/purging. The ETR clears 100% of the timelines & Akashic records and clears around 92% of the density in the body. Approximately 8% is left for individual processing and releasing.  Each person is different in the percentage of density to process. 8% is an overall average across all humans receiving the ETR.

Once the transfer begins, the low frequency energy is moved over to my energy field. There it is surrounded by bright light that transmutes the low frequencies into high frequencies. The high frequency energy is then distributed back out into the cosmos for the benefit of all.

Only Star Seeds can do this transfer because Star Seeds exist in higher dimensions and have the ability to handle the transfer over to their energy field.

Every energy transfer reset requires at least 250 beings to facilitate and complete the process. This explanation is to give you an idea of the POWER of the reset.

What are the benefits of the ETR?:

The reset is a way to jump back timelines. The energy transfer reset is a healing modality that restores the soul back to the pure state that existed immediately after it was created by Source.  Again, as mentioned above, this does not happen over night.  The process is guided by your Soul and the length of time it takes is determined by your Soul for your highest good.

The reset is a powerful tool to remove most lower frequencies, blockages, and karma from your timelines.

The reset allows the body to heal on quantum levels from all types of illness, disease, abuse, trauma, and negativity.

The reset restores the purity and innocence that once existed.

What can you expect to happen after the reset?

A person may experience feelings of change, physical changes, and the ability to see, hear, feel, and know spirit with a stronger connection.

After the reset, a person can intercept communications that were once missed.

The body begins a slow process of healing.

Because the body is not instantly healed, some may think the reset did not work. This is not true. Each person must allow months or longer for the body to return to the healthy state.  An unhealthy state is not created overnight, and it will not heal overnight.

What can you do to facilitate the process?

There must remain a positive belief within each person that the reset is working, that the reset has the power to heal.

When frequencies of doubt emerge from negative thinking, the reset loses its strength and eventually the person will completely stall the healing process and begin to accumulate low frequencies that existed before. The reset never stops completely; once a person raises their frequency again, the reset will increase in strength and continue flowing.

It is vital for you to use the Arcturian Releasing Statements to cement the beliefs that will allow the healing to happen.   It is also important to clear your energy field daily with what we call the Cloud Clearing & Grounding (CC&G) tool.  Most awakened people do not have a process for doing this.  The CC&G was also a gift from the Arcturians and is an essential tool for your continued reset and health and wellbeing in every way.  At the end of the ETR, I will provide you with these tools to keep your energy field clear and to keep you grounded.

Another frequent question, can someone stop aging through the reset?: 

With your permission, the ETR will begin a process of reverse aging. Through intention, we can ask the spirit beings to manipulate your DNA to reverse age. This is optional. We have power over our DNA and only age because we believe we must age. 

Regarding beliefs, you may or may not be aware that the human body is designed for an average lifespan of 800-1000 years.  The present aging process is built upon a framework of beliefs. Humans age and grow weak because they believe this is what should occur. Then they gather in groups with members their own age and others cement this belief within them that they must share the same characteristics as others their age. This is simply not true. 

Your DNA can be manipulated through intent. You can command your DNA to stop aging, even without an energy transfer reset. However, the reset accelerates the reverse-aging activation as it removes blockages and frequencies related to the beliefs around aging.

Again, this shows you the POWER of the reset.

The process:

We must first remove parts of your personal human incarnation contract.  We will ask your higher self to remove your energetic connections to the part of the contract that is over. This will release the low-frequency energies from those timelines.  It does not mean those lessons are lost.  It just removes the baggage of the past.

The human incarnation contract can be negotiated and some parts canceled based on the desire of the higher self.  You still have lessons to learn in the future.  Your life will never be perfect without any trouble.  We learn by experience, and most experiences involve contrast and difficulties.

There are galactic contracts in place that cannot be canceled. There are contracts with other beings that cannot be canceled.

The relationships you have in place are joint contracts with others, so canceling your personal incarnation contract does not affect your relationships. 

As part of this process, your Soul knows what you need to keep and what can be cleared.  Your Soul is your gatekeeper and it knows what’s best.  We attempt to clear/release everything possible, but ultimately it is your Soul’s decision. 

So the first thing we’ll do:

Then you will give permission for the Spirit Team to work within your energy field and remove all your lower frequencies below 5D. 

Then I’ll make a series of releasing statements and ask you to repeat them.  By repeating them you are giving permission to release.

Next, we’ll meditate for a few minutes. 

The guides will let me know when the release has begun.

And lastly, it’s important that you believe -- that you believe in this process -- that you believe that the Light Beings in nonphysical, the ones that I just introduced you to, that are much more advanced than us, have the power to do this.

The ETR includes the removal of POSSIBLE negative implants, attachments, cords, and/or tags. 

The possibility of negative implants, attachments, cords, and/or tags: 

After the ETR was launched, new information has emerged about certain clients having implants, cords, attachments, and/or tags.  

The implants are foreign objects in the body that have come from other beings.  It is possible that the beings involved can influence the thoughts and emotions of the individual through the negative implant. This is something that the person agreed to before the incarnation.  However, once awake, the person may prefer to have the negative implant removed to obtain total control over their thoughts, emotions, and feelings.  In my work as a QHHT practitioner I have found out from the Souls of my clients that some implants are good.  We are high-frequency and multi-dimensional beings of light who have come down to the 3rd dimensional to be here for various reasons.  The good implants stay if needed, as guided by your Soul, because they help our Soul Group (our family) monitor and help us in our 3rd dimensional life on Earth, living in the muck and the mire.  

Tags are devices that dark entities place on people, making them a target for interference. These tags are energetic and attached to all parts of your being, including the physical body and energy field. They are different than implants, which you agreed upon before your incarnation. Tags are placed without your consent.  With tags, the person remains in control but struggles to keep a high frequency due to the onslaught of negative interference. 

Cords are energetic from lower frequency emotions generated from one’s present life and/or past lives. 

With the dark entity attachment, the person has lost some control over their experience.  We are susceptible to attachments when our frequency runs low due to addictions, trauma, and emotions of excessive fear, sadness, anger, etc., from one’s present life and/or past lives.

We then proceed on to the Automated Cloud Clearing Process and the Crystalline Capsule of Protection. 

Automated Cloud Clearing Process/Crystalline Capsule Protection: 

The Cloud Clearing and Grounding (CC&G) Process is a tool the Arcturians gave Beverly to keep our energy fields and bodies clear of low frequencies.  After the ETR you can begin to accumulate low frequencies because of emotions such as anger, sadness, hopelessness, fear…etc.  It is important for you to do the Cloud Clearing daily in addition to the automated process that was set up for you during your ETR. 

In addition, a solid, impenetrable Crystalline Capsule was created.  This is an energy field that keeps you safe and protected in a space of high-frequency energies that are 5th dimension and above.  The capsule is perpetual for the remainder of your human incarnation and is in effect across all timelines and frequencies.  

If you have questions or want more information about the ETR, please contact me.  I would be happy to help you in any way I can!

You can also go to  Beverly Nation's Website at 
https://www.beverlynation.com/ and/or go to Beverly's You Tube channel at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKD4ir89aV5-r-gshn3BubQ for more information.  Since the ETR was introduced it has evolved rapidly.  Beverly is continually updating the ETR information on her website and on YouTube.  

Please do not hesitate to call or email me with questions. There is no obligation!    
What is Energy Transfer Reset (ETR)
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